Victor and Kayla

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Our Story

After being in law school at SMU for a year and a half (for Kayla) and two and a half years (for Victor), we crossed paths for the first time in November of 2015 on the intramural football field. The next month, we were meeting each other's families over the holiday break, and on New Year's Day, we said "I love you" for the first time (not counting Victor's text to one of Kayla's law school friends the night he first saw her on the football field, which read, "Well, if I never see her again, tell her I love her."). Two bar exams, two law school graduations, a move to Houston, a move back to Dallas, the purchase of our first house together, and a well-planned lie from our realtor about needing a cute couple to feature on the Keller Williams website later, Victor proposed on the front porch of our new home, and we officially decided to spend the rest of our lives together (although we decided that a good while before, nothing is "official" until diamonds are involved). We are so grateful to have found each other and to be joining two families that feel like they should have never been apart in the first place. We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you in February! If nothing else, we hope that people take away from our story the lesson that rushing into things is a great idea and we highly recommend it.

Victor and Kayla
Lauren Chism